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narrator: "We see Gerry sitting in a room looking very meloncholy. Ever since Christine left him for the king of Fops, he's been down in teh dumps. But recently he's gotten into musicals. He's fallen in lov with the leading ladies from Rent, Wicked and Aida. His Master Plan is to have them join his harem, but who knows if it can mask the pain of teh hole in his heart left by the fopette Christine."

(play music- Alone Again? it goers I'm all alone, theres no one here beside me...)

Gerry:Christine Christine! Why did you have to leave me? I have much better hair than that fop! And everyone knows lemurs are sexy! Wait a minute! If I cant have the girl of my dreams, I'll amke a harem! It's time to put my time portal to use again! Glinda, Elphaba, Maureen, Mimi, Aida and Amneris, HERE I COME!

(gerry leaps into time portal, lands in jurassic age)

narrator:WE see a pink dinosaur dancing, Gerry stands still stupiified, not knowing waht to think.

(Chris begins singing Today 4 U, gerry shakes his head not believeing what he jsut saw and leaves in time portal)

Narrator: ANd that was the very first musical


thats all i ahev for now..

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I like it so far, my only critique is, why are we referring to Christine as fopette? And I could go on and on about why the outcome of POTO is not entirely Christine's fault. I guess it work for this though.
idk i didnt originally have fopette, it wass a spur of the moment thing
i dont know where to go from here, i need something to get me started
omg omg ok u kno how like the whole timeline portal machine is set up.....we should do somethin like that in memory of timeline!

haha mirors and subatomic particals "its a fax machine?" I love it, mabey i could actually go build one...::runs off to her lab::
Anyways Bre is to critical. On my video you say, "thats not right" over 5 times! geeze
When did I say "that's not right," and what about? I just happen to be very knowledgable, and I like things to be correct, at least when it comes to phantom.