Sarah (angelofmusic712) wrote in gerry_adventure,

i got bored and thought of this....

ok here goes
1) during hot tub scene, maureen says "now this is what i call La Vie Boheme!"
someone else-"Whats la vie boheme?" Maureen-'Well...." (Cue music and we all sing along)
thats how we can introduce the song, bc it cant just happen for no reason
2)have a mini dr. phil section somewhere
3)Since its a harem, and harems are full lof LOVE, we can use Seasons of Love to finish the musical...we all stand in a line like in rent and lip synch
4)Gerry sings clips of Music of the Night to seduce the women
5)Gerry has them do a Dating Game in which he finds he isnt compatible with anyone but christine so they get sad and sing without you(from rent) OR....... Gerry picks only one of them, possibly elphaba so they can sing as long as youre mine
possible questions for dating game
--how do you feel about lemurs?
--describe yourself in 3 words
--whats your idea of the perfect date
--where do you see yourself in 5 years
--whats your fav color

then me and lydia can battle over whos fav color is pink, bc amneris and glinda are both very girly
ok thats it
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