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The Cult Lit Song

Okay, If you were in Cult Lit on Tuesday, you saw the origins of this song- it is now, for the most part finished. I will most likely randomly perform it during this musical!! And I claim all rights to do it :oP

I present to you all: "Wait For The Bell"- to the tune of "Over the Moon" from Rent

Last night, I had a dream. I found myself in a desert called…Cult Lit Land. It was hot. My head hurt very badly and I was…stressed. Out of the abyss walked a classical style statue- David. I asked him if he had any aspirin and he said quite randomly, “IIIIII am forbidden to put on leaves. In Cult Lit Land all statues are NUDE.” He said- “Only thing to do is just wait for the bell.”

“They’ve closed everything good down…like study guides and fill-in-the-blank note sheets and HEAAALTHY FREE TIME! And replaced it all-ll with fast paced videos and notes and ARTS AND IDEAS(eas-eas). But there is a way out. (Five more minutes to go, five more minutes to go) Only thing to do is just wait for the bell.”

I-I-I’ve gotta get outta here! It’s like I’m being tied to the top of an 18th century carriage bein’ packed up with Gothic novels, and oil paints pushed off a cliff by a suicidal Michael Wood! IIIIIIII’ve gotta (10x) find a way--to just wait for the bell, only thing to do is just wait for the bell.

And then- a miniature pit bull in red sneakers entered. His name we have learned…is William Fleming. And though he once cherished free adolescence he abandoned it to live as a boring stuffy historian. A one a two a three “That’s bull,” he said. “Ever since the Monday orals have been over you students have been- waiting. The Korai and the Kouros were evicted from the book and eloped- you’ve been staring at the door and the clock ever since- maybe it’s a, teenage thing. Cuz WHOOO’d want to leave Cult Lit Land anyway? Notes ain’t so bad! The Korai and the Kouros for instance, they miss being in the pages, come knocking on my art deco door, and I say, “Not in my book benchmark sculptures, GO BACK TO GREECE!” (biddee baaaa)

“The only way’s through the door!” As he whispered to me. "A LEEEEAF OF MODESTY!"

“Still sore? STRESSED? Look at the clock.” And I looked up…at the standard Shen classroom clock…and realized we only had 10 more seconds to go! *sigh* “TAKE MY HAND!” he said. And I took his hand, and that blessed bell rang, and we SPRANG out the door, flying into the hallway, I AWOKE SINGING! (we are free we are free) Only thing to do, only thing to do is wait, only thing to do is just wait for the belll, only thing to do is just wait for the bell, wait for the bell, wait for the bell…Free…freeeeee…freeeeeeeeeee! Say it with me! Freee (however many times)

Thank you!
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